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Baby Stethoscope



The health of each child is essential to their participation and learning in the program. A healthy child is a child ready to participate and thrive in school. Our goal is to ensure that every family has continuous access to quality medical and dental care.

As a part of our program, age-appropriate vision and hearing screenings are completed for every child in the program to assess any possible concerns. In addition, we partner with community providers to bring children and families additional services and screenings, such as vision exams, dental screenings, health screenings, and education.


Nursing staff works with families of children in need of accommodations needed for them to participate safely in school.


Pregnant women in the program also receive additional prenatal and postpartum information, education, and services through our Home Based staff and nursing staff.


Health education opportunities are available throughout the school year for all families through handouts, site workshops, trainings, and special events.

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